Graduation is bitter sweet! I am extremely happy to be done with my doctorate, and to continue performing and teaching, but I will no longer be a “student”. I will always be learning for the rest of my life, but all that I know has come from my most wonderful teachers and mentors. They have supported me in all of my musical (and some personal :)) decisions and endeavors. They have always believed in me and my music, showered me with advice and love, and sometimes worried about me as if I was their own daughter.

While I’m on the subject of my lovely teachers/mentors I can’t pass up the opportunity to post a picture of them-


My two favorite people, playing together! (Phil Setzer and Gilbert Kalish) After having them sit through years and years of my sound checks, I finally sat in on theirs. Obviously I had so much advice to give them that I snapped this picture. They always sound amazing!

As professional as I am on stage (at least I hope!), off stage, I can turn into a clown, and inevitably end up doing something like this:IMG_2418

Regrettably, there were no “normal” photos, but sometimes I need a break from being super serious. The program for this particular recital was Schubert Sonatina in a minor, Bach Sonata for Violin and Harpsichord in E major, 6 Melodies by John Cage, and Brahms Sonata in A. Then I had to switch gears and prepare for a different program the next week, no rest for the weary.

Sometimes it’s fun to add up all the hours of music that I learn and perform within a given month or two, and the sheer volume always amazes me. And yet, there is so much more music that I want to make sure I learn and perform. This  keeps me going, and makes me feel lucky. There is just so much music in the world, and I am excited to have the rest of my life to play as much of it as I can.


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