I was very excited to play for people who were truly appreciative of my music. Sadly, when I’m performing, this is not always the case. But as I looked into the eyes of the audience, I saw that they were all smiling and just incredibly happy to be sitting there listening to me. It was such a privilege to play for such a warm and welcoming audience.

EnoB www.enoB.org is a great non profit organisation in NY. They organized this fun concert- a program consisting of two singers from the NYC Opera Company, Youngkyung Hyun my friend and great pianist, and me! We played our own sets, and collaborated in some pieces, which was also very fun!

“Comfort & Joy through Music”

-A Musical Concert of Care, Comfort and Healing

for the Cancer Patients in Queens Area

Co-host with American Cancer Society

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The following article is in Korean, but they chose a picture of me so I’m linking it here for those who are interested!


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