Winter Music!

The cold winter has not stopped the music! Thankfully, there were several fun concerts that stood out to cheer me up and warm the bitter weather.

In February, we had visiting artists the Miami String Quartet visit for a residency. The students enjoyed masterclasses, and working with members of the Quartet.

Kathy Meng Robinson of the Miami Quartet and I enjoyed working together on Prokofiev’s two violin sonata. I had never played this piece before, and was a bit nervous about it- especially knowing that we would have a very limited amount of rehearsal time. It turned out to be a very exciting and enjoyable performance, and I can’t wait to perform this piece again (hopefully in the near future!).


The second half of the concert consisted of one of the greatest works of chamber music of all time- the Schubert Cello Quintet. Such an amazing piece!


Mark Phillips and I collaborated once again on his work for Violin and Live Electronics Violin Power at the Faculty Chamber Music Series.


Finally, my ducklings had their first annual studio project.The studio project is a themed recital that I require my studio to plan on their own (with perhaps some help)! They are supposed to choose a theme, find and secure a venue outside of the school, and figure out how to publicize the concert. They voted on a “Valentine’s Day Concert” with a romance theme in mind. As part of the publicity, they offered raffles for “romance baskets”. The program was a really eclectic mix, and a great success. I was definitely, very proud of all of them!
Somehow I am missing a few students in this picture, but at least most of them are in this photo!

IMG_1455 IMG_1459

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