Reunion Trio in Tennessee

One of the highlights of this season was a reunion trio concert- a concert with two friends that go way way way back.

Esther Park, pianist, has been my friend since our wee mini-me days in the Pre-College division at Juilliard (fun fact: we even played in a piano trio when we were 13-14 yrs old!). She is a powerhouse of a pianist, DMA candidate at Yale School of Music, and visiting professor at Eastern Tennessee State University.

I have known Nicholas Finch, cellist, since our undergraduate days at Juilliard, when he was a curious transfer student from Harvard. He is now principal cellist in the Louisville Orchestra.

Since we are all relatively close to each other now (just a 5 hour drive!), we conceived of this project, and were excited to settle on a program and a date that could work for all three of us. We all arrived in Tennessee (even Esther, who had been playing on the east coast), and proceeded to drink coffee and rehearse like crazy people. By the end of the few days, we were going completely insane… our head swimming with Debussy, Brahms, Piazzolla and Rachmaninoff!

Here is proof: us in the middle of rehearsing- espresso break. Note the dark circles under all of our eyes! This must have been after a few days of non stop rehearsals….


Refreshed from a night of sleep, and ready to walk on stage:


But somehow we made it: it was a fun experience, and was great to work together again. We look forward to future projects!


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